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Murshid on TV2

Murshid talks to TV2 about Entrepreneurship, life and Huddlestock. Video requires a Facebook account.

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Made in Norway – Series Promo

Huddlestock was featured in the TV2 documentary “Made in Norway”, aired in April, 2017. This is the promo video of the TV Series. See the more there

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SFF Hackcelerator Huddlestock

Murshid Ali, CEO and co-founder of Huddlestock talks in Singapore at the Singapore Fintech Festival about the platform which is disrupting traditional investment models, allowing users to benefit from the

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Huddlestock version 1.0

The first open beta-version of Huddlestock was launched for on a invite-only basis in January, 2017. The launch provided us with systematized and substantial feedback from early users on the

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Huddlestock Presentation Singapore

In November 2016 we were 1 of 15 finalists at the Singapore Hackelerator Programme, competing with companies from all over the world. Demo-day was the last day of the event,

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What is Huddlestock?

Promo video about Huddlestock. Explains the rationale behind Huddlestock, and the underlying technology. See more here

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